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Welcome to Venkateshwara Weighing Scales

Venkateswara Weighing Scales began as a dealer and later became a distributor of weighing scale machines. In 1975, Venkateswara Weighing Scales ventured into manufacture of weighing scale machines of all kinds from mechanical weighing machines to electronic weighing scales.

Our manufacturing plant is spread over 600 square metres plot area and is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and uses the latest manufacturing technological process. Manned by a pool of skilled personnel, we maintain strict quality standards and constantly expand our range to meet our client’s diverse needs.

Today, we possess the capability to manufacture a wide range of customised weighing product range for every industrial and commercial need and have the proud distinction of having installed over a million weighing scales which have the capacity to weigh an item from 1 mg to 100 Tons.

We have a well-oiled network of well-trained engineers that provides prompt after sales service and support to our customers.

As we focus ahead, we seek to enlarge our customer base and enhance the quality of our product range to stay a step ahead of our customer’s demanding standards.

Our Clients

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