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ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

Welcome to Venkateshwara Weighing Scales

M/s Venkateshwara weighing scales is an organization to synonymous with a comprehensive range of electronic weighing systems.

Venkateswara Weighing Scales believes in total commitment to quality and providing our customers with outstanding, value-oriented products and services.

At Venkateswara Weighing Scales, we strive for zero defects in manufacturing by injecting quality and reliability into our products and services and ensuring excellence in design and workmanship. We recognise assimilating new technologies and ensuring customer satisfaction remains the key to attaining long-term success and staying a step ahead in today’s market place.

At Venkateswara Weighing Scales, we remain fully committed to provide a congenial and challenging work environment for ensuring Quality, Value, Efficiency and All-round development.

Finally, we give utmost importance to environment conservation and believe that we need to work together to conserve natural resources and avoid the ill-effects of pollution for the greater benefit of our society.

Our Clients

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